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The Best Land Clearing & Excavation Services in Tennessee!

American Excavation & Land Clearing, LLC specializes in eco-friendly land clearing and excavation services. We use top-of-the-line equipment and tools to effectively handle your property. Our services are suitable for all, ranging from farmers to property developers. If you have the vision to transform your property, we will help you make it happen. Here are some of the services we currently offer:

Land Clearing


Land clearing helps extract unwanted underbrush, trees, and tree stumps to best facilitate new and better use of your land. Our services will help clear your site where you need to start construction. We do it instantly. One step process so you can get to work straight away and achieve your deadlines.


We will determine the needs of your project and land by identifying the types of growth and other items that need to be removed. We provide both comprehensive land clearing and selective land clearing services, enabling you to preserve the appropriate natural features of your land if desired. 


We are equipped to execute projects of all sizes and complexity, removing obstacles that get in the way of your project objectives. We have heavy equipment and a local workforce at our disposal to get your job done quickly and effectively.


Do you want to get your yard cleaned up after the last storm or just need unwanted vegetation removed from your property? Contact American Excavation & Land Clearing to discuss all your land clearing needs. We will be happy to assist. 

Land Clearing Equipment removing broken tree trunk



At American Excavation & Land Clearing, LLC we understand that excavation services play a key role in the design and development of any project. Our excavation services help you achieve a clear site needed for the launch of your construction project. We extract soil up to the depth required for new foundations and compaction to ensure stability.


Our crew conducts heavy excavation, foundation work, erosion control and more to prepare your site for the next phase of your construction project. We are clear in our transactions, which is why we will include you in every step of the way to identify the best solution for your construction project.


From initial site consultation to professional planning and effective completion of the excavation work, we operate systematically, always following the highest standards of safety and satisfaction in mind. We use advanced equipment and new technology required to finish jobs of all sizes and only deliver satisfying results for our customers.

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Why choose us for your next Land Clearing & Excavation job?


Here at American Excavation & Land Clearing, we take a unique approach when it comes to land clearing and excavation. We are not just another high volume company. We allow the correct time to complete your project to desired finished product. Our team has great attention to detail making sure your property gets exactly what it needs. Here are some of the advantages of working with us:


State of the Art equipment


If you want the job done well, you need to work with a company that uses the right equipment. We have the best tools and machinery needed to deliver a great job according to your needs.


Fast and Reliable


Most companies don’t have the manpower needed to clear or excavate land on a tight deadline. Because we keep our company staffed with experienced workers, we can finish projects in a timely manner.


Quality service at Affordable Rates


The best part about working with us is that we never compromise on quality while providing the most competitive rates in the market.

Contact American Excavation & Land Clearing today to discuss all your Land Clearing & Excavation requirements. 

If you live in Columbia, Franklin, Spring Hills, BrentwoodCulleokaHampshireMount PleasantSanta FeWilliamsport, or the surrounding areas.

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